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Posted on June 26, 2019 

"To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him." ~Buddha
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You may or may not focus on, or even care about your health. The truth is that our focus, and attention to it, waxes and wanes for most of us- even professionals who rely on their health- appearance or performance- don’t always focus on their health. 

So, how do we “get ahead” and get results without spending hours a day, or every waking moment thinking about what we should eat, or how we should exercise? 

Truth is, you won’t get past those roadblocks-ever- until you give meaning to your health.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Let’s talk about that.

We’re going to delve into four elements that are absolutely crucial to understanding the value of your current life; to understand your value, as well as what you value better.

To put this into practice for transformational results in your mental, spiritual and physical health, defining the meaning requires a few essentials including: the value of the present situation for valued future results, excitement for the future, creating connection and growth, cultivating a positive contribution, and prioritizing the pattern. 

We’re going to focus on making health meaningful by understanding the value of the present situation for valued future results.

But first, let’s get personal. This is about you- so you can help others. How do you understand meaning, so you know how to make your health meaningful to you?

Defining Meaning
I know this might sound like a bogus way to approach your health and weight loss goals, but just think about it for a moment: What would a change in your body/ time/ life be worth to you?

If what you are presently doing is negatively affecting you, but you don’t know why you are going to change what you are doing, your mind and body will take the path of least resistance, and never choose change. You will remain where and how you are; your body was designed to keep you stable, still, and unchanging, for as long as possible.

You should know, however, that it’s never possible to “stay” how you are; you either get better, stronger, happier, or you atrophy, lose, and decline. So which direction do you choose? Well, that all depends on the meaning you give your future actions. 

Every second counts- so make them count with intention! 

Brendon Burchard, a high performance, personal development coach, in his book High Performance Habits he describes “meaning” as an attribute of clarity, and the deeper the clarity, the deeper meaning and overall satisfaction in life you can obtain.

A 10-Cow Woman
There is an old, short movie called Johnny Lingo- a story about a rich man who comes to an island looking for a wife. Every woman on the island is judged by how many cows a man would be willing to exchange for her hand in marriage. Johnny chose a young island woman by the name of Mahana, who was deemed an ugly woman, one with little value, as it was said that a man would not even pay one cow for her. 

When Johnny Lingo offered ten cows to have Mahana as his wife, the village was astounded. They whispered and gossipped about the loss that Johnny Lingo would face, and how rich and fortunate Mahana’s father was with the overpayment he received for Mahana.

After Mahana and Johnny were married, her family visited her and Johnny at their home. What they saw next illustrated the moral of the story: A beautiful woman with long, dark hair and a beautiful smile greeted them as they approached. They did not realize that this woman was their very own Mahana! Her father asked how Johnny had transformed Mahana from a plain, quiet and unattractive woman, to such a beauty?

Johnny said then that he had not done anything magical. He already believe Mahana was valuable and beautiful; she had just not been given the tools or value to see it in herself. Johnny’s first gift to his new wife, was a mirror. Then he reminded her every day how beautiful she was.

She soon began to see herself this way too, and was able to then use the other gifts Johnny had waiting for her: beautiful skirts, pearls and hair combs, and other physical gifts, to accentuate the beauty and value he saw in her- but only after she saw value in herself. The gifts would have been meaningless without the value.

That Johnny saw Mahana’s present-day value, was revealed by his actions. He offered ten cows because he saw her present value, and the future value was in what he could do to help her see her value in herself. He exponentially increased her value when he changed the perception of others and enhanced her own self-image. The value had been there all along. It increased when the perceptions of others changed and assigned a personal value to the result. Johnny saw the value of the present, for the future value of the results.

Call To Action
Now you can establish value to your current situation, your health more specifically, and cultivate the value of that situation (i.e. your health!) in future results by asking yourself these questions: 

How satisfied are you with your current situation (i.e.health)?

How important is (your health) to you?

What would it mean to you if you could achieve/have/be/feel (results of future value)?

How much time do you spend to maintain or improve it?

Would you continue with little or no compensation for your efforts? Why? 
Why not? 

The results of these questions should help paint an accurate picture of the present value of your life- and it most often reveals a pain point or desire, a value of the result, or level of life itself, as well as your commitment to the present and future.

Remember that life is 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we respond to it. Understanding HOW to control the way we respond comes from inside- not outside- and comes from what we value. 

We give meaning to our lives by understanding the value of changing the pattern of practices, and increasing the value of your future life so that commitment and excitement for the simple daily actions is always stronger, and more desirable and necessary than the current experience. This is exactly why Dan Sullivan lives and preaches to “make your future bigger than your past”. 

The future of your health is what YOU choose!

Once you’ve answered these questions, and are ready to experience a surge in momentum to upgrade your health and achieve more, let’s move to the next step in cultivating an excitement for the future, so that you can increase the meaning and achievement of extraordinary health in your life!
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